Whether you need to move a pallet or two a week, or dozens of full truckloads a day, we can provide the services you need for shipping beer, liquor, wine, empty bottles or kegs.

Did you know that if the driver moving your alcohol shipment were to stop for lunch in the state of Kentucky, the DOT has the authority to impound that shipment if the restaurant he ate at was more than 7 miles from the federal highway?  More importantly, does the carrier hauling your freight today know that?  With different regulations in each and every state, it’s nearly impossible to navigate the process of shipping beer and alcohol without making it your full-time job. We’ll take that responsibility off your hands completely, as we’re becoming one of the top beer and wine shipping companies in the country.

Competitive pricing

Carriers who specialize in shipping beer and and other alcohol often charge an arm and a leg for their extra expertise. While your run-of-the-mill 3PL can provide competitive market rates, you’re taking a gamble that they lack knowledge and experience in this industry. With Ranger, you get the best of both worlds: competitive market rates from a company with liquor, beer and wine transportation expertise.

Quality carrier selection

You’ve probably discovered that finding an affordable carrier who’s comfortable hauling your shipment and knowledgeable about alcohol and wine shipping regulations can be a challenge, especially when truckload capacity is tight or LTL rates are on the rise.

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